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The Striped Striker

10.09.2010 9:48 AM | Patrick

First self portrait I’ve been working on in Illustrator. Imported high-quality image from, used Live Trace black and white, added artifacts and continuous lines.

the striped striker

New Project

10.09.2010 12:20 AM | Patrick

I gotta new project that I wanna work on during my free time, apart from other things.

I want to recreate the most famous logos using only the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator without tracing, just eyeballin’. This will most likely include but is not limited to: the nike “swoosh”, the dove “dove”, pepsi, tacobell, burgerking, an assortment of hood ornaments, etc. This is a productive practice because it will increase my skill with the pen tool, a vital skill in Illustrator.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get the latest and greatest Illustrator CS5 for my dorm computer so I don’t have to make the trek to Dows, (not that I don’t like working in Dows).