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Music Production Slows

13.05.2011 1:44 PM | Patrick

Its hard to believe 2011 is nearing its halfway point. I only have two songs to show for it. By this time in 2009 I had about ten new uploads. Its kinda sad to think about it; the whole process should get easier as time goes on but in reality… I’m not sure. The days, months, years all go by faster with time accelerating and with more and more ¬†obligations filling those days its hard to find time. Maybe one day I’ll just sit down, learn something and stop making excuses.


29.01.2011 6:27 PM | Patrick

Coe College. Greene Hall. Third East. Third stall. January 14, 2011.

J Dilla at his finest

06.12.2010 10:30 AM | Patrick

I wish there was more where this from, actually Im sure there is. You just have to go looking for it.

More on avril 14

26.11.2010 5:34 AM | Patrick

I forgot to mention before, avril 14 was sampled by adam sandberg from snl quite some time ago. The link to the vid is above, its also important to note that kanye west just recently sampled the same song. His rendition appears on his latest album, my beautiful dark twisted fantasy or something like that. If you ask me that title it pretty ridiculous. I would have much rather liled good ass job, but oh well.


19.11.2010 11:40 AM | Patrick

I want this clock in my home when I get older. Awesomely Amorphous.

Amorphous Clock from The Fresh Hinz on Vimeo.

Avril 14

19.11.2010 11:32 AM | Patrick

I used to absolutely love this song. I think I’m gonna relearn it on the piano. If only I had more free time.

Slow Mo Cogs

19.11.2010 11:27 AM | Patrick

Clock from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.


19.11.2010 11:26 AM | Patrick

There are a few things that bother me about iMovie. I suppose first and foremost must be that it is not Adobe software. In my heyday as a young creative, my friends and I would edit video for hours on end with Adobe Premiere Pro. Mostly, we thought of silly ideas for music videos to songs we liked. Some were actually more appealing than others, but it was all for the sake of experimental art. I only wish we could have less limits in iMovie. I know there are so many more video and audio effects that I could be taking advantage of. One of my favorites, which almost always looks good is the 3×3 duplicate grid of a video.
My main goal with this project is to absolutely push the boundaries of iMovie in the most unique and obscure ways.

Building Implosion

19.11.2010 10:28 AM | Patrick

Implosion! Phoenix! from Bradley Sullivan on Vimeo.

Stock Footage for Free

19.11.2010 9:58 AM | Patrick

This site is pretty cool. Download from a moderately limited selection of free stock footage. Some interesting time lapses of clouds and city traffic.