Date Filename Notes Size
4.28.2012 Hip-Hop
1.29 MB
4.28.2012 Glove Compartment
1.74 MB
4.28.2012 Global Warming (Pats Mix)
1.22 MB
4.28.2012 Friends
An unbelievable sample; there is such thing as magic. 2.67 MB
4.28.2012 Friday
2.4 MB
4.28.2012 Fresh
3.99 MB
4.28.2012 Freestyle RT-323
Recorded on the ZOOM RT-323. The synth reminds me of Kayne West - Stronger, but gets really annoying. 1.53 MB
4.28.2012 Final
CLICK. 4.11 MB
4.28.2012 Evas Interlude
Eva Cassidy - True Colors 2.36 MB
4.28.2012 End Credits
yo MTV Raps! 1.81 MB
4.28.2012 Eat Me Alive [Interlude]
2.02 MB
4.28.2012 Dangerous
207 KB
4.28.2012 Constellations
1.94 MB
4.28.2012 Calamity
6.02 MB
4.28.2012 Big Girl Now
1.49 MB


try again: try again
1.10.2014another: test
another (1.10.2014): test
test (1.10.2014): test
fg (7.11.2013): fg
ewgfasd (12.24.2012): asdf
yo (12.20.2012): whats up
blairmo (1.16.2012): i love your shit
Money-Pott (11.30.2011): can a nigga get that new hotness?
Matt (11.8.2011): I need a fix. new jams plz
EK (10.7.2011): Holler at your boy when you get on that label
Pot^2s (9.19.2011): the next KanYay, killin um
Plags (7.2.2011): Digital Danger....gotta be Donkey Kong Soundtrack Inspired.
Matt (6.21.2011): Digital danger -- nice! sounds original too
patrick (6.11.2011): the exact sample plags! btw missed you last night, whats up with that
Plags (6.10.2011): The Waitress...has similar guitars to JayZ song...Sampled?
john's son (4.25.2011): put more songs up
Diggy (3.29.2011): April Showers...the fade back in @ the end = Solid
Daniel (3.1.2011): Completely diggin Final and Sugar, supersick. keep on truckin!!
Bobby M (2.23.2011): Sugar is the shittttt.
Matt (1.15.2011): after the end of 'final' I just have to play counter of the cumulus...
Hejda (12.2.2010): sundown=trip sauce
Matt (10.8.2010): HAHAH Thanks for posting the extended version!! AWE SOME
phone (10.7.2010): im at the verizon store
phone (10.7.2010): im at the verizon store
broski (9.23.2010): make some nigga shit
pottz (9.17.2010): have you EVAR nah nah naah
Anonymous (9.14.2010): :]
Diggy (9.13.2010): Keep those Megabytes Climbing!!
Matt (8.28.2010): what's the story on ZWR? it's awesome
johnson train (7.14.2010): anonymous sucks
alex hanna (7.6.2010): anonymous kid is gay if hes serious... love ur chill beats such as beat 1 and prelude
Plags (6.30.2010): I Know You....good flow
Anonymous (5.28.2010): you suck
Matt (4.17.2010): HA! I just listeneded to the breakdown on You'll Never... it must be said, you have a platinum ear for sampling
j john (3.19.2010): atmosphere is an amazing track, reminds me of colorado
david schmitz (2.19.2010): I love you, and i love tht we're bumping to your site as we get wasted!
the asain pursuasion (2.16.2010): wowwwww budddddd why don't you sample some jimi and seee what you can do with it, like fire for lupe fiasco
Anonymous (2.12.2010): my baby's so sick dude
jon tollefson (1.22.2010): i listen to your music while im studying my bird encyclopedia
Kwes the Bess (1.15.2010): Hey man that "my Baby" joint is hot!!!
humpfry blowhard (1.6.2010): is it jackson 5 stuff good sir?
Diggy (1.6.2010): Hahah Will you ever know....imm gunna take a stab @ it and say.."you dont know my name" alicia keys?
tyler sievertsen (12.13.2009): nice man
Oh and yeah - SRS (12.10.2009): Aphex Twin - Selected ambient works DiscII - TRK5
Sage River Satterfield (12.10.2009): Nigga I be finta write up a Wikipedia article right at the instant.
campaign (12.9.2009): windmills is nasty
Nick (12.9.2009): Kaleidoscopes.. Love the vocal sample.
Matt (12.8.2009): on and on! yeeah, key change!!1!
tyler sievertsen (12.7.2009): big girl now :)
tyler sievertsen (11.11.2009): exactly what i thought it was gonna be man sweet
tsieve (11.7.2009): mine all mine is good stuff
A. Conn (11.5.2009): Friday is legit. good work my man.
Matt (11.5.2009): lovin Friday. I think i used that rex sample in my friend's rap song about Iraq
Grant (11.5.2009): I want to see one dedicated to Jon T
Matt (11.2.2009): yep...
pat (11.2.2009): a track a week?
Matt (11.2.2009): there should always be a NEW tag on the page ... haha
Matt (10.29.2009): i has edited ur css
pat (10.21.2009): my dream - a concept album
Diggy (10.20.2009): Man...U Seem To Kill It Everytime!
2down (10.19.2009): sick ladiesman...sick
Jennifer (10.19.2009): You don't ever sing, or talk, in any of these. Why?
Johnson (10.19.2009): calamity is the shit
D Luce (10.15.2009): Dirtyyyy
lars Lee (10.15.2009): you are the man, montag
Pot²s (10.13.2009): hell ya today
Matt (10.13.2009): thats Kablammity
that one girl (10.10.2009): a monday in the life is sooo good!
charminder (10.1.2009): OOOOoooooooOOOO
tyler (10.1.2009): jay-z song is nasty
matthew hiscocks (9.29.2009): im gonna put my dick in your butt. im so horny right now
WEB (9.29.2009): Dude i still am freakin out about the Jay Z song.
blair (9.22.2009): patrick montag.........legendary
  &n Potts (9.19.2009): hey pat, beautiful armor is best piece of music i heard in a while. thanks man keep up the good work
pat (9.18.2009): hah thanks man, im glad they have that effect
Matt (9.17.2009): man i was having a crappy night until i started listenin to some of your old tunes...
Matt (9.17.2009): listening to Armor w/headphones. sounds a lot better now - great PQ. got that Mirwais extreme phaser going on...
Anonymous (9.13.2009): sWeEt TuNeZzZ MaNnN!
Matt (9.11.2009): YEUSSS A NEW ONE
A. Conn (8.6.2009): Go Pro
TSieve (7.24.2009): Dude independence day and eat me alive are nasty
dan (7.6.2009): dude independence day sounds like what would happen if north korea launched a nuclear missile
Matt (7.3.2009): we need to tweak Rain or Shine
Your roommate (7.2.2009): Rain or Shine! idk where to even begin dude
  (6.30.2009): POTTS: yo dude LaLa is strait killin
Matt (6.29.2009): Rain or shine ☻ plz make last 30 sec into a new song
lars (6.20.2009): yo man, thats life is perfect,! im so jealous of your skills.
Grant (6.18.2009): Is that your mom singing in rain or shine
Samie (6.16.2009): oh my gosh. these are really really good pat.
 POTTS (6.16.2009): YA pat this shit legit BOI gonna make 69 mo hit!
Matt (6.16.2009): test
Dan (1.6.2009): the way you flip those samples are sick with it
Grant (1.5.2009): Fuck this shit, get some Carrol Montag on here!
Nick (1.5.2009): Thats Life...AMAZING! Keep The Music Coming
Anonymous (1.4.2009): i <3 sampling
royce beezy (12.27.2008): pat u need ta let me rap on 1 of these
Pete (11.4.2008): yo bro, you got a CD out yet? I have a friend who is a DJ, hook me up with some tunes and I'll send 'em his way and get your name out there.
connor (6.21.2008): IM NAKED
Matt (5.28.2008): i have a feeling that the elpiano needs less scream more EQ.
Matt (5.28.2008): it sounds great when the bass sync up with the el piano chords.
Matt (5.28.2008): wwoahhah, very nice chord progression on retroubution. very french. the reason bass doesnt do it justice.... on the break near the end, you need to cut the low freqs b4 comprssion. phaser at the end sounds like mirwais too. this is rock solid
matt (5.27.2008): final test with redirect
matt (5.27.2008): no more spam, hopefully
matt (5.27.2008): im will fix your spam problem
matt (5.27.2008): (tanx) compressed drum hihats: +++ dentist drill noise: –
Matt (4.28.2008): any new trax?
$$FLY_POTTS$$ (4.2.2008): yo lil Pat, this track is Hawt, keep ya head low, bro
Matt (4.2.2008): Constellations is FAT, dude
P:D (3.17.2008): Don't listen to Aconn, he's gay! He polluted the forum. I'm not being critical, just giving suggestions. Patrick, listen to the album Jagged by Gary Numan. I think you'll love the synths. PS "Sugar" is a work of art.
sievertsen (3.5.2008): to legit and pumped for music vid?? i think so
Black Plag (2.25.2008): A Monday In Life...I could see that going big
jyrf (2.24.2008): tgyhjkl
jyrf (2.24.2008): tgyhjkl
jyrf (2.24.2008): tgyhjkl
Matt (1.26.2008): i wanna see a new song by Jan 30...
P. Lichte (1.19.2008): Saw you in the Torch a while back, looking for some hip beats, and with it rhythms, so i figure ill check out a few of your songs.
A. Conn (1.17.2008): yo pat, you be laying down some mighty find beats, son. negate that last comment, guitars and vocals are unnecisary. would you be in doing some keyboard work in a low commitment band that i might start one of these days?
P:D (12.23.2007): Interesting, but have you ever thought of making some better material with guitar and/or vocals? I think your pretty good at what you do, but you need to up your game a bit. Go listen to some Nine Inch Nails, Apoptygma Berzerk, Bjork, Gary Numan, etc
hejda (12.5.2007): sugar is legit
hejda (12.5.2007): sugar is legit
Babesta (12.4.2007): Fresh beats.
Scott Starch (11.19.2007): You are way better than me
Anon (11.13.2007): more, please
The Rg (11.8.2007): Times of Trouble = legit
kanye (11.7.2007): man i'd like to do a track with you
"Peter Man" (11.1.2007): Yo dog, you make that extended mix of "I Think She Knows" yet? You should also do the same thing to "Apologize", make an instrumental version of it, that would be freakin' sweet.
Bruner (10.29.2007): I like the summer love one that tite as hell bra
Matt (10.29.2007): just upgraded your player.
your friend (10.18.2007): NICE
Rap Rumery (10.11.2007): damn man! haha.. this is my new favorite site :]
Aubrey (10.11.2007): -if you've been there already sorry, if you haven't...isn't it cool? Thought you'd appreciate it
Aubrey (10.11.2007): Pat, oh my god. I love the layout of this site. Everything is good (& organized). Reid showed me and it's great.
Peter Man (10.2.2007): Dude, do an extended version of "I Think That She Knows" cause it's a sweet tune.
Peter Man (10.2.2007): Dude, do an extended version of "I Think That She Knows" cause it's a sweet tune.
Dr Dre (9.29.2007): sweet beats!
Moondog (9.24.2007): Patrick! -What a talent! Your songs are awesome. You must have had some great mentors! :-)
emma (9.19.2007): patrick! heres ur comment! lol LOVE the music.. i hate you cause your so frickin good at everything :]
The RG (9.19.2007): Sick stuff bro we gotta get a story goin on this
P Machine (9.14.2007): Dude, yo should fix it so if I'm listening to one song and click o another it doesn't play the songs over each other. Also, Real Blue is my fav. you and Matt need to teach me all this stuff sometime.
Will (8.24.2007): Real Blue (Remix) wins listeners choice award
will (8.23.2007): also this comment box should not make music stop playing when you submit and it should be more then 1 line tall!!!12
will (8.23.2007): real blue remix shoudl be the music on those youtube that beat mario 3 in 139 seconds
Man from Future (8.13.2015): Composition sense & ramming down technique, it is splendid together!!
Matt (8.12.2007): omg, real blue is complete. bro, you can produce.
Matt (6.20.2007): yo...nintendo days just put me in a nintendo daze.. nice. you should definitely look genuine NES tracking tho..<.span>
will (6.5.2007): hey, next time you want to "just mess around" with the drum machine don't post it!$$!
Potts (3.6.2007): Ho dang bro-tang. U kept it hoppin and dropping when the beats was kickin you shit was lick holla back for that 3 1 9 shit, kep me outa county. Oh um, keep ya hed lo' peace
Matt (11.30.2006): I AM AFRAID NOT is just awesome and better than 86% of all movie themes out there today
Matt (11.30.2006): i recently heard a song on the radio that sounded just like Come my Gangstas, it was a remix of a really popular song, like Britney Spears or something
Matt (11.30.2006): nice Reggae Sunshine, cheered my crappy day up
Matt (11.9.2006): keep up the cubase... link this on your facebook
Matt (11.9.2006): Leave a comment!